Origen y evolución, Manolet Origin and development

The Alonso Family is linked to the almond business since 1946, when the start-up of the first cracker took place in Valverde (Elche). From that moment onwards until today, they have dedicated all their efforts to the trading and shelling of almonds.


It has been a business career of continuous growth and development. Since the beginning we have focused on offering to our customers a great value product always guaranteeing the quality of the almonds since its origin. This is something that could not have been achieved without having taken special care with the relationships with our growers.


During all these years, we have tried to be ahead of our time, as well as of the market requirements.


We highlight year 2017 as a key date for Manolet, as we carried out the largest investment in our history, starting a two-phase project. The first phase involves the construction of a modern almond blanching and processing plant and the second phase involves the constructions of a new cracker. Both facilities are located in Elche Industrial Park.


Nowadays  both phases have been finished.  They both are modern facilities equipped with the latest technology for all the processes.


Starts the activity in the almond cracker of Valverde (Elche).


Purchase of an almond cracker in Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia).


Opening of a warehouse focused on the purchase and storage of almonds in Utiel (Valencia).


We start our export activity with Spanish almonds.


Purchase of the cracker located in Las Bayas (Elche). We add the processes of almond selection, cleaning, sieving and packaging.


The construction of the blanching and processing factory in Torrellano (Elche) finishes. We enter then the international market of USA processed almonds.


Agreement with two partners of long career in the almond industry.


End of this agreement, Manolet continues in the business of the Spanish almonds.


The construction of our new blanching and processing plant in Elche industrial park starts.


The construction of the plant is completed. We enter again the international market of USA processed almonds.


The construction of the new cracker is finished.

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